Arepas Con Queso

Many thanks to one of our members for showing us how to make an easy, tasty, and filling meal from her homeland of Colombia! Arepas con queso can be prepared with meat or chicken stuffing – a great option for breakfast or dinner. (This meal can be seen in the Disney movie Encanto.) We learned that adding pulled chicken makes it Venezuelan. The stuffing we tried today was simply shredded cheddar and parmesan cheese. It was a hit with both the adults and kids. Delicious!


January 2023 Calendar

Wow, the holidays were a blur! We hope you were able to have a wonderful time with family and friends. We’re back into a normal routine now and looking forward to some fun events this month!

If you’re a stay-at-home or part-time working mom around Bismarck/Mandan looking to make some new mom and kid friends, we’d love for you to join us! Email us at or direct message us through our public Facebook page to introduce yourself. Happy New Year!

December 2022 Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re looking forward to some creative events this month to celebrate the season. Members, please find additional details in the events section of our private Facebook group.

Not a member yet but would like to join? Curious to learn more without making any commitments? We’d love to meet you at one of our public events! Just send an email to or direct message us through our public Facebook page. Happy holidays!

Harvest Party 2022

Thanks to all the moms and kids who joined us for our annual Harvest Party this afternoon! We loved seeing all the creative costumes. Several moms brought potluck food to share, the kids read a book and worked on a Halloween-themed craft, and there was even some trick-or-treating.

November 2022 Calendar

November is upon us, and we’re looking forward to some fun events! Our members tell us each month what kind of events they’d like to attend, and we do our best to make them happen. MOMS Club® of Bismarck welcomes moms of all beliefs, backgrounds, interests, and parenting styles to join us. (Because most of our events happen during the day, we’re geared toward stay-at-home and part-time working moms who are looking for opportunities to socialize and get out of the house.)

Interested? Send an email to or direct message us through our public Facebook page. We have a private Facebook group just for our members.

Archaeology and Paleontology Tour

We enjoyed today’s Archaeology and Paleontology lab and collections tour at the Heritage Center! The club got a behind-the-scenes look in the basement of the museum.

In the archaeology lab, they tried out various pottery decorating techniques on clay and held replicas of spear points, knives, and scrapers. In the Paleontology lab, the kids were able to see ongoing work being done on Dakota the Dinomummy. It was fascinating to be right there in the lab watching the volunteers use tiny jack hammers to remove rock around the hadrosaur!

Jeff the Paleontologist then took us to the archives, where we all got to touch a T-Rex tooth and the largest coprolite they’ve ever found. It was fun to see the kids try to guess what the coprolite (fossilized poop) was and laugh when they realized they were all touching 60 million-year-old poop!

Fall Farm Tour

It’s the perfect time of year for a farm tour! We started with coloring in the barn and meeting the barn cats. Then we headed out to meet the alpaca herd. Did you know the only time alpacas spit is when they are pregnant?

Next we met the chickens and fed them grain and meal worms, which are like candy to them. The children collected eggs in the chicken coop, picked and ate fresh apples, and then meandered around the pumpkin patch, where they all got to pick little white pumpkins. We explored the garden, did a little harvesting, and ate fresh Thai basil, lemongrass, ground cherries (which taste like pineapple), a variety of small tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, raspberries, and grapes.

At the end of the tour, we tried out a teleidoscope and looked at squash and gourds. It was fantastic adventure for the club! Many thanks to Apple Creek Farm for taking the time to host our group.