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Activity Descriptions

Monthly Mingle

The second Thursday of each month, all  are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly mingle. Club decisions and service projects are discussed and voted on during these, as well as providing time for children to play and mothers to socialize.

Every attempt is made to provide childcare for children older than 2 during the winter months when we meet in the church. Snacks for both moms and children are provided and for $1, each mom can purchase a ticket to win a dessert or other prize (money goes toward babysitter fee).

Fit Moms

This could also be called walk & talk. During the cold weather months (Oct thru mid-May), we meet in Kirkwood Mall (right outside of the indoor Target entrance) and walk the mall. You can use a stroller, let the kids walk, or in a pinch some moms have found a shopping cart useful!  When we’re done, we usually stop at the play area to let the kids stretch their legs. When it’s nice we rotate through walking paths in the Bismarck/Mandan area. Fit Moms meet twice a month and length and time varies, but each mom is welcome to walk at her own pace (or that of her kids!).

Coffee ‘N Chat (CNC)

Our group meets at a kid friendly play area to let them play while we enjoy adult conversation. During the cold weather months (Oct thru mid-May), we may have CNC at a mall play area, the Heritage Center treehouse, or a restaurant play area (McDonalds or Burger King). When the weather is pleasant, a park is chosen in the Bismarck/Mandan area (locations can be found in the monthly newsletter).

Moms Craft

Bring your crochet, knitting, or other crafty materials and let the kids play while you chat and craft. We occasionally pick a special project to do, in which case the cost per person is announced. This group meets at a fellow member’s house (announced in the monthly newsletter).

Kids’ Craft

Once a month, the Kid’s Craft coordinator will plan a project that is quick and easy for little hands.  RSVP status is set up on the Mom’s Club Facebook site.

Kids Book Club & Create

The kids listen to a story, then do a craft project, sometimes with a little (or a lot depending on age) help from Mom. This meets outdoors during the summer months and at a member’s home when it’s cooler or in the case of inclement weather.

Lunch Bunch

One mom volunteers to host Lunch Bunch each month and in the days prior to the event, she will post an RSVP status in the MOMS Club Facebook group. Any themes are annotated in the monthly newsletter and the lunch is potluck style (the hostess will provide plates and utensils). Past themes have included soup and bread, a taco bar, sub sandwiches, and freestyle.

Mom’s Night Out (MNO)

Moms meet for an evening get-together once a month. Activities vary, but have included Art & Wine, a scavenger hunt, the annual cookie exchange, and appetizers or a meal at a local restaurant. *The locale is typically nursing baby friendly.

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