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November 2018 Calendar

The MOMS in MOMS Club stands for Moms Offering Moms Support. We offer a variety of gatherings throughout the month to give moms & kids an opportunity to socialize without separation. You can find activity descriptions in the drop-down menu.

Public events are in bold, and it is recommended to preview MOMS Club up to two times before joining. Yearly membership dues are $25, which go toward running the club and a yearly service project to help children and mothers in our area. As a member, you will receive a fully detailed calendar & can pick and choose what you’d like to attend.

  • Friday, November 2nd–10:00 CNC at Heritage Center Treehouse
  • Tuesday, November 6th–9:30 Moms Craft – bookmarks
  • Wednesday, November 7th–9:00 Fit Moms and 10:00 CNC at Gateway
  • Thursday, November 8th–9:00 Toddler Swim
  • Friday, November 9th–9:30 Book Talk (Wonder)
  • Monday, November 12th–10:00 Kids Book Club and Create
  • Tuesday, November 13th–9:30 Monthly Mingle at St. George
  • Wednesday, November 14th–10:00 Playgroup at Turtle Beach
  • Friday, November 16th–9:00 Fit Moms and 9:30 CNC at Kirkwood
  • Monday, November 19th–11:00 Lunch and playgroup at Burger King play place
  • Wednesday, November 21st– 10:00 CNC at Heritage Center Treehouse 
  • Monday, November 26th–Board meeting (board members only)
  • Tuesday, November 27th–11:30 Lunch Bunch (potluck lunch) & Baby shower
  • Wednesday, November 28th–9:00 Fit Moms and 10:00 CNC at Gateway
  • Thursday, November 29th–9:00 Playgroup
  • **Tentative date** Friday, November 30th–MNO game night

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