MOMS Offering Moms Support ®

April 2016 Calendar

Public events are highlighted and recommended to preview MOMS Club up to two times before joining. Potential members please email so we can expect you.

*All activities start at 9:30 am unless otherwise noted.

1 Coffee-n-Chat @ Wachter Park (in case of inclement/cold weather Kirkwood Mall Play Area)

4 Preschool Playgroup Ages 3-5

5 BSC Toddler Swim (Toddler free, $3 for Parent)

6 Fit MOMS @ Kirkwood Mall – Meet at Play Area

7 Board Meeting

8 Coffee-n-Chat @ Jaycee’s Park (Gateway Mall Play Area)

11 MOMS Craft @ St. George’s Episcopal Church

12 11:30 am Lunch Bunch @ St. George’s Episcopal Church

13 Kids Craft @ Good Shephard Lutheran Church

14 Gym Day @ McCabe United Methodist Church

14 7 pm MOMS Night Out – Midway Lanes

15 Coffee-n-Chat @ Igoe Park (Kirkwood Mall Play Area)

18 Fit MOMS @ Old Red Trail, Mandan – Meet at Universal Park

19 Toddler Playgroup Ages 1-3

20 Business Meeting @ Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (GSLC) – downstairs

21 9 am State Capitol Tour

22 Coffee-n-Chat @ New Generations Park (Gateway Mall Play Area)

25 10 am Turtle Beach Playdate @ BSC Aquatic Center

26 Heritage Center

27 Keep on Cooking @ St. George’s Episcopal Church

28 10 am Infant Playgroup Ages 0-1

29 Coffee-n-Chat @ Universal Park, Mandan (Kirkwood Mall Play Area)

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